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New Las Vegas Strip Resort is Finally Opening

September 16th, 2009

City Center - Las VegasThere is a new super-mega resort on the Las Vegas Strip that is finally ready to open – some of it, anyway. If you’ve been to Vegas in the past couple years you may have noticed the giant construction project on Las Vegas Blvd between Bellagio and Monte Carlo.  That pit has risen to become the new CityCenter complex. I can’t figure out why MGM-Mirage would pour more than 8 Billion Dollars into a new resort and name it with such a bland, meaningless name. It inspires no vision, no imgaination, and for those of us who already live in cities, why would anyone long to vacation in a “city center” resort? Names like Caesars Palace, Rio, Bellagio, even Wynn all conjure images consistent with an experience that is out of the ordinary. But CityCenter sounds like Wall Street or some giant convention complex.  Not even a whiff of experience – whether luxury, exotic, or even party. 

Anyway, it is finally opening several of its core buildings including Aria (better name than CityCenter!), Crystals shopping, Vdara and Marndarin Oriental hotels.  MGM issued a video press release extolling the virtues of CityCenter, but it since has been taken down.

The complete press release with detail on each  can be found at PRnewswire, and as follows:

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