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Influencer Project

July 9th, 2010

An interesting seminar took place a few days ago. The folks at ThoughtLead put together a web event featuring 60 of the best minds in digital marketing called The Influencer Project, sponsored in part by HubSpot. Billed as “the shortest marketing conference ever”, they indeed gave each speaker 60 seconds to pass along something of value in the realm of building influence in web marketing.

The event was free to sign up for and was streamed live on the Internet.  For those (like me) who couldn’t participate in the live event, the organizers have posted a free MP3 audio download of the program as well as a free PDF transcript of each speakers comments.  What a great idea – no surprise given the subject matter.

As I began reviewing the conference materials it occurred to me that I was not familiar with of some of the speakers. Given my interest in digital marketing concepts and emerging thought leaders, I put together a list of all the participants Twitter addresses to follow them myself and share with others. I must admit to being a little surprised in how some of these noted influencers are not that easy to find on Twitter! So, here they are all in once place.

I carefully reviewed and selected the appropriate Twitter accounts for each and plugged them into so you can choose to select some or all to follow from a single list:

  Follow 60-Influencers on Twitter


Of course, please connect with me on Twitter as well: @MikeHalston – even though I’m not an ‘influencer’ as yet..