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The Slugs with John Entwistle

June 17th, 2009

I was talking with an old friend recently about a memorable show the Slugs played in July 1988. We opened for John Entwistle, bass player for The Who.  The Slugs most prominent musical inspiration at the time was The Who and getting this gig was a very big deal to us.

The Slugs with John EntwistleWe played the Riviera in Chicago, an old movie palace that is now owned by Jam Productions, the leading concert promoter in the Midwest. Aside from meeting our hero Entwistle, is was also memorable to meet the Who’s sound engineer since 1968, Bobby Pridden.

Fifteen years later or so, Dag, Gregg and I were joined by guest vocalist Michael Dorff to pay homage to the Who during a Halloween show at Tommy Nevin’s in Evanston. We played about 5 or 6 Who songs with all the loving cacophony we could muster. 

Hear The Real Me from that show: 

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