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Influencer Project

July 9th, 2010

An interesting seminar took place a few days ago. The folks at ThoughtLead put together a web event featuring 60 of the best minds in digital marketing called The Influencer Project, sponsored in part by HubSpot. Billed as “the shortest marketing conference ever”, they indeed gave each speaker 60 seconds to pass along something of value in the realm of building influence in web marketing.

The event was free to sign up for and was streamed live on the Internet.  For those (like me) who couldn’t participate in the live event, the organizers have posted a free MP3 audio download of the program as well as a free PDF transcript of each speakers comments.  What a great idea – no surprise given the subject matter.

As I began reviewing the conference materials it occurred to me that I was not familiar with of some of the speakers. Given my interest in digital marketing concepts and emerging thought leaders, I put together a list of all the participants Twitter addresses to follow them myself and share with others. I must admit to being a little surprised in how some of these noted influencers are not that easy to find on Twitter! So, here they are all in once place.

I carefully reviewed and selected the appropriate Twitter accounts for each and plugged them into so you can choose to select some or all to follow from a single list:

  Follow 60-Influencers on Twitter


Of course, please connect with me on Twitter as well: @MikeHalston – even though I’m not an ‘influencer’ as yet..

The President Embraces Technology

January 24th, 2009

I love a lot of things here. I love that the President of the Untied States embraces technology and posts his weekyl address on YouTube. I love that within this weeks address, he says “hold my administration accountable” for his plans. And I love there is a PDF download right under the video, outlining in more detail the plans proposed and benchmarks with which to measure success.

Kayla and Barack

January 20th, 2009

My beautiful and brilliant 9yr old niece Kayla had her story published today in the Daily Herald. She met him at his Chicago campaign headquarters over the summer, and the Daily Herald asked today for her story…

We asked you to tell us what Barack Obama’s inauguration as president means to you, and you responded with eloquent essays, poems and even paintings commemorating this moment in history.

‘Even when you’re important, you’re still like everybody else’

By Kayla Cook

When I met Barack Obama, he told me to work hard in school and dream big dreams.

I got to meet him because my Uncle Pete Dagher was running the Chicago Obama headquarters.

Me, my mom and my dad went there one night. I was really excited because he was a United States senator running for president.

That day at camp, we had an activity. We made bracelets out of a red, white or blue pipe cleaners and red, white and blue beads for the Fourth of July. I chose blue. And I did a pattern of blue, red and white beads.

We also made posters. Mine said, “Obama Rocks!” because I knew I was going to go to the headquarters.

When we went there that night, I was sitting comfortably in an orange chair. And then I heard his footsteps. Then I had to stand up. He walked in. I was standing between my mom and dad. He walked right past my mom, who was on my left, and he went straight to me.

All I could see was the bottom of his chin because he’s so tall.

I said, “Hi, I’m Kayla.” He shook my hand and said, “Hello, Kayla.” Then he shook my mom and dad’s hands.

I nervously gave him the bracelet and poster that I made. I wondered if he liked them. He studied them and held onto them.

Then he walked over to a desk, asked for a piece of scratch paper and a pen, and he wrote me a thank-you letter.

This taught me that, even when you’re important, you’re still like everybody else. It’s important to say, “thank you.”

My mom and dad couldn’t believe what they were seeing. My mom was totally caught up in the moment.

Then Sen. Obama said, “Kayla, I’m sure your mom would like to take a picture.” It was like he was cueing her for her lines in a play. My mom took out her camera and took one picture.

I am not surprised that he is going to be president because he was so kind and caring.

On the night of the election, when Barack Obama was proclaimed the new president, my dad told me that it’s an executive order – I have to work hard in school or I’m breaking the law.

• Kayla Cook, 9, is a third-grader at Madison Elementary School in Lombard and the daughter of Daily Herald Opinion Page Editor Anne Halston.

Kayla Cook with Barack Obama   Barack’s note to Kayla

Meet Bryan Evening

November 26th, 2008

“If hell is other people’s inane music commentary, heaven is their inanity aped to perfection. It’s that good!”

-Eliot Van Buskirk,