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My personal blog is languishing

December 13th, 2009

You are reading the first blog I had ever launched. This was an experiment for me to dive in and see what blogging is all about. I have never been a writer but like anyone, I have plenty to say.

Lessons Learned

Shortly after launching my personal blog I quickly realized a few things. One is the hosted WordPress platform graciously provided by my hosting company is far more limited than I like. After just a few weeks, I felt compelled to download, install, and customize WordPress to use for my Cubs fan site blog. I’ve since learned to tweak and customize WordPress to a great degree. I now have many WP installs that I maintain for sites I run or contribute to. The creative flexibility of a custom WP install makes it harder and harder to return to this blog with it’s rudimentary design and features.

Another lesson learned is there are only so many hours in a day. With the many websites I am involved in, frankly not much time remains for writing on this site. Seems odd that my own personal site suffers from the attention I pay to others.  If you know me, this might not be much of a surprise after all. But the fact remains my personal blog is languishing. So in 2010 I plan to change out this blog to a custom WP install and try to make more time for posting. A guy must have his dreams…