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I’ve been remiss

May 22nd, 2008

As I learn more about blogging and blog etiquette, I realize I have been remiss in not linking back to friends blogs.  Here are a few that are certainly worth checking out:

I know quite a lot of people who would be great bloggers but for whatever reason have not yet set one up.  I’ll lead by example and keep encouraging others and promise to link to them as well! 

Slugs to go

May 16th, 2008 is offering Slugs music via MP3 downloads. You can choose from all songs on our past two records (Junior & Fort Fun) as well as the track we contributed to Aadam Jacob’s Urbs in Horto complilation.  The song is “Honey Rose” as recorded live at the Taste of Lincoln Avenue festival in Chicago back in 2000. Mix and match as you choose as you can select your favorite tracks and download to your iPod, iPhone, iCantgoanywherewithoutagadget or some such telephone/camera/email/texting device that runs MP3 music.  You can share with your friends too as these files are “DRM Free” meaning you can email or copy them as much as you like.  Doesn’t really matter to us anyway as we haven’t seen a cent in CD sales revenue since Clinton (Bill) was in office.  Enjoy…

Frank Sinatra & the price of postage

May 13th, 2008

Coinciding with yet another one penny postage rate increase, the US Postal Service today has issued a Frank Sinatra commemorative 42 cent stamp.  I’m glad to see Ol’ Blue Eyes perched on my outgoing bills, but why can’t the USPS simply raise the cost of a First Class letter by a nickle and leave us alone for five years?  They can call it “5-for5” since they seem to getting more marketing savvy these days.

Now I have an envelope (how appropriate) full of various denominations of stamps and “make-up” stamps from which to try and assemble 42 cents for postage. Is this their way to make up budget deficits, by counting on me/us to over pay for postage because we don’t have exactly 42 cents in stamps? It changes so often – being honest here – I feel uneasy about not knowing the cost to mail a letter.  Let’s just call it 45 cents and no changes until 2013, ok?

 Meantime, here is the most excellent Frank stamp:

Frank Sinatra 42 cent stamp

Sign of the times

May 9th, 2008

I snapped this photo on North Avenue in Melrose Park a couple weeks ago.

Melrose Park, IL

I am reluctant to agree with this sign however funny it is, but with the testimony in the Rezko trial I am becoming wary of our beleaguered governor. Still, I like him and some of his decisions and actions as governor. He takes a pretty refreshing position on issues in most cases and clearly isn’t afraid to do something different.  I like that his family stays in Chicago and he commutes to Springfield.  I’ve seen the governor’s mansion in Springfield and I sure wouldn’t want to live there either. They should turn it into a museum or conference center rather than have this hulking ceremonial residence in the middle of po-dunk Illinois.  But I digress…

If nothing else, I like that our governor is an independent thinker, an unabashed Cubs fan and isn’t afraid to say he likes rock & roll music (he is a big Elvis fan). Maybe he is destined to join the long list of Illinois governors who end up in prison. But for me, its good to see someone other than an old establishment white guy as our elected leader.

Perfect Mother’s Day gift

May 7th, 2008

My beautiful wife got an early Mother’s Day gift – exactly what she wanted: 14 cubic yards (1 full dump truck) of premium hardwood mulch for the gardens.